Role of the Vet Team

Animal health

The Vet Team will ensure the well-being and good health of dogs in competition for the duration of the race.

Confirm their participation before each stage, monitor their health during the race, intervene in emergencies, make recommendations and possible care from the finish line … The main problems encountered are related conditions High Performance Sport: musculoskeletal injuries (eg, sprains, tendonitis, digestive disorders, injuries pads …).

Besides the health regulatory controls before the race, the Vets validates, after a thorough and specific clinical examination, the participation of all the dogs presented (the «vet check» before the race).

They are then «to the task» 24/7 throughout the duration of the race, each dogs being monitored daily several times (before and after each stage, but also via the veterinary checks on the trail and during the night bivouac in altitude).

It is also possible, under the La Grande Odyssee VVF ‘s rulles to temporarily exclude a dog from a team to put it back in shape and, with respect for his welfare, his health and regulation.

Every year the French Agency for the Fight against Doping just carry out spot samples from the canine athletes and certify and ethics of the competitors and the race.