Below are the registration details for 2023

The first 30 mushers for OPEN & LIMITED, and the first 12 mushers for each TROPHIES will be officially registered.

For La Grande Odyssée VVF OPEN and LIMITED a deposit of 225€ will be requested at registration. The deposit is no refundable in case of withdrawal of the musher.

For the payment of the balance of the registration for La Grande Odyssée VVF OPEN and LIMITED (400 €) payment will be made on the RIB of the organizer (see rules – Annex 1) before 30 November 2022 at the latest. After this date, the musher will no longer be considered as registered and will not be able to claim a refund of the 225 € deposit paid during online registration. If places are vacant before the beginning of the event, the organization will call in mushers on the waiting list. If they accept the invitation, they shall confirm their entry by paying in the 2 days following their acceptation.

For trophies, the payment of 110€  registration fees will be requested at registration. These fees are not refundable in case of withdrawal.

For trophies : to leave a maximum of possibility for the mushers to participate to a trophy, a musher can’t no more register to more than 1 trophy (except if no other musher want to participate in the second race targeted and that bibs are available).


Fees :



La Grande Odyssée VVF OPEN & LIMITED 625€ For the 25 first mushers registred : Included lodging for each team (3 persons maximum). Many meals will be provided for musher and handlers (maximum two handlers per team) at the beginning and the end of each stage.
For the 5 last mushers registred : the organization do not guarantee accommodations and meals.
• For all mushers : 1 official hat of LGO 2023, 2 LGO caps, gifts, bibs (mushers and handler), stickers for trucks.
TROPHIES 110€ • One or two meals will be provided for musher and handlers (maximum two handlers per team).
• 1 official hat of LGO 2023, 2 LGO caps, gifts, bibs (mushers and handler), stickers for trucks.

List of administrative documents to be provided by each register :



• Complete the registration complements form (download here) 10 september
• Photo of the musher in digital format 30 september
• Valid ID (NIC or passport) 30 november
• Medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sled dog in competition (download here) OR Federal license 30 november
• RIB or IBAN (for mushers of La Grande Odyssee VVF only, not for trophies) 30 november
• Cyno-sanitary sheet (download here) 15 décember
• Dog list with dog chip number (download here) 15 décember

All documents are to be returned by mail to after your online registration



Registration on elite list :

For mushers in the OPEN and LIMITED category, 10 elite bibs are open and distributed as follows:

  • 7 bibs for the OPEN category:
      • 5 bibs for open teams
      • 2 bibs for pure Nordic teams
  • 3 bibs for the LIMITED category:
      • 2 bibs for open teams
      • 1 bib for a pure Nordic team

To apply for this elite list, the main evaluation criteria is the following: the musher is able to claim a podium in the race (OPEN or LIMITED) and in the category (Open or Pure Nordic) targeted, on proof of official races results achieved by the musher.

Mushers can apply to this list by completing the elite list application form, no later than August 28, 2022 included (link available on the website of the race).

The organization will come back to the candidate mushers on August 31, 2022. The mushers selected from the elite list will then have until September 4 included to validate their registration by paying the deposit of 225 €, by transfer to the RIB of the organizer.

To apply for the elite list, fill out the form by clicking here