Stage 8 – 17/01/2021 – Bessans – Bonneval-sur-Arc

Présentée par Wamine

The top depart of this 8th stage of La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc was given in Bessans, one of the most spectacular Nordic domain in France. This also marked the last day of the Eukanuba Trophee.
Bessans is also well known for his unusual four horned devil which becomes the true symbol of the village. Race conditions in Haute Maurienne Savoie were not so bad today despite new snowfalls for this a long-awaited event, the mass start departs. The mass start departs held in a timeless atmosphere are actually a legendary moment of La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc.
The three waves of 10 sleddogs each moved into their departure corridor before setting off on a 38 kilometers of race for a 500 elevation meters. The competitors went up to Bonneval passing through La Goulaz hamlet, running along the Petit Bonheur track. They cutted around Bessans village before crossing the finish line in Bonneval-sur-Arc.

Remy Coste took the top step of the podium of today for the open category and remains first in the overall ranking. Cindy Duport is still in the lead for the limited category on both today’s stage and general ranking. The same as to the Eukanuba Trophee, Iker Ozkoidi finished first on today’s stage and general ranking. The adventures of La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc continues tomorrow with the 8th stage in Aussois, and the 4th and last Aesio Trophee.


Category OPEN

1 – Rémy Coste – FR
2 – Sylvia Ulrich – GER
3 – Jean Combazard – FR


Category LIMITED

1 – Cindy Duport – FR
2 – Christian Perlwitz – FR
3 – Marion Joly – FR


Trophy Eukanuba

1 – Iker Ozkoidi – ESP
2 – Axel Coste – FR
3 – Jocelyne Combazard – FR


The Best Nordic
Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes Prize
Open – Jean Combazard – FR
Limited – Grégory Coffre – FR
The Wamine Best Dog Care Prize
Marion Joly – FR


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